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Our Journey To Canada

Meet Melissa Grelo. She is a proud Portuguese and Filipino-Canadian television personality, mother, and committed humanitarian. Melissa Grelo is the Co-Host of The Social and Your Morning and is an Ambassador for the Prince’s Charities Canada. While reflecting on her parents and their immigration to Canada, this is what she had to say:

"A Portuguese and Filipino immigrant leave their homelands in search of opportunity. They meet at a Latin club in downtown Toronto and despite a language barrier, they fall in love, buy a farm in the country to start a business and raise a happy, healthy family. I'm so happy you chose this country!"

When thinking about her ethnic background Melissa stated, in an interview with Rachelle Cruz, that “there is increasing diversity in television in Canada for sure and there are plenty of other Filipinos who are doing great things but one thing I’m very conscious of is having that representation, being proud of it, for the community. Whether it’s another young woman who wants to come up into the business, it’s all about seeing the possibilities."

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