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I am proud to announce the 8th recipient of The Addolorata De Luca Leadership Scholarship, Halima Mohamed. Halima is a second-generation Canadian whose parents immigrated to Canada from Somalia. Halima states, “My family's immigration story began with the search for a better life, a journey that is all too familiar for many who leave their homelands. My parents were born in different parts of Somalia; my mother grew up in a rural area while my father was born and raised in the capital city. They left Somalia at a young age, driven by their passion for education and in search of better opportunities. Coming to Canada was special to them, as they felt they had found their "sigh of relief" - a place where they didn't have to give up their identities and were instead invited to embrace a new culture as their own. Eventually, my parents met in Toronto, got married, and moved to Windsor. Being born and growing up here, I witnessed the struggles and beauty that come with the immigrant experience. From it, I learned the values of resilience, strength, kindness, and, above all else, the importance of having a community. These lessons have translated into an understanding that sometimes, the best way to say 'thank you' is through action and dedication. Giving back is the ultimate lesson I have learned from my family's journey, and it inspires me to do as much as I can to help others in the same way that I have been helped countless times before.”


Halima, a fourth-year Science student with over an 84% average, embodies the ADL Scholarship’s mission—honoring our ancestors while giving back to the next generation of student leaders. Her leadership and volunteer commitments are extensive. Halima is the Founder and Co-President of the Diabetes Canada UWindsor Chapter, a Community Engagement and Administration Volunteer for the Canadian National Institute of Blind, and a Patient Reported Outcomes Volunteer Representative for Breast Cancer Canada.


Halima has made it her mission to dedicate her time to supporting various organizations around Windsor-Essex. This allows her to meet people of different cultures, religions, ethnicities, and ages and extend her hand to others who may also be missing close human connection. Within Windsor-Essex, Halima volunteers as a Personal Disaster Assistant with the Canadian Red Cross providing compassionate care, conducting client needs assessments, and handling inquiries in times of disasters, and a Personal Care Assistant with the Hospice of Windsor-Essex. Following graduation, Halima hopes to pursue a Master's degree and eventually become a Palliative Care Physician.


To assist deserving students, such as Halima, please feel free to contact me ( or visit the Donate section of this website for more information. I look forward to seeing this scholarship grow and continue to help new students every year.




Cessidia De Biasio, Founder of The Addolorata De Luca Leadership Scholarship

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