Our Journey to Canada

A blog highlighting stories of people who have immigrated to Canada as well as their children and grandchildren.  

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Our Journey To Canada

Meet Frank Abbruzzese. He is a proud Italian-Canadian who is the President of AlphaKOR Group Inc., a mentor, a Windsor-Essex advocate, and is a guru in the technology and innovation sector. While reflecting on his family's immigration story this is what he had to say: "In 1952 my Dad immigrated from Italy to Canada, because he heard that Canada was a land full of opportunities. Dad's journey to Canada was no easy task. He travelled to Canada via boat. He embarked in New York, took the train to Buffalo and then the bus to Windsor, where he mistakenly got off in Kingsville. As the snow fell on that cold winter night, my Dad walked all alone from Kingsville to Leamington; however, his destiny w

Our Journey To Canada

Meet Eileen Chen. She is a Chinese-Canadian Environmental Activist, University of Windsor graduate, and Community Volunteer. While reflecting on her family's immigration story this is what she had to say. "We landed in Windsor from China and had nothing except our suitcases and some packed boxes. We had no furniture in our one bedroom apartment on University Avenue. To eat, we unpacked one of the cardboard boxes and flipped it over to make a little table. The only thing I remember when this was happening was 'wow this is a cool table.' I was 7 at the time and thought every little bit was an adventure. It never occurred to me that I was in a foreign place because I was with my parents. I stil

Our Journey To Canada

Meet Natasha E. Feghali. She is a Lebanese and Croatian Specialist Educator, International Journalist and Speaker. While reflecting on her family's immigration story this is what she had to say. "My family. A mixture and hybrid version of the modern Canadian. My father came to Canada in 1976 from Lebanon and my mother is a 1st generation Croatian-Canadian. We are the fabric of culture, ethnicity and language. Our home is a melting pot as we have welcomed so many newcomers to Canada and been exposed to our own heritage over the decades. It's important for us to keep our culture and heritage as we are far from our native homeland and embrace our new home in our hearts. Our fondest memories are

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