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Angela Todorovski_Recipient of The Addolorata De Luca Scholarship

Saturday, February 22nd, 2022

I am proud to announce the fifth recipient of The Addolorata De Luca Leadership Scholarship, Angela Todorovski. Angela is a first-generation Canadian whose parents immigrated to Canada from Skopje, Macedonia in the mid-90s. Her parents came to Canada in their early 20s, leaving their families behind in hopes to establish a better life in Canada. They struggled with learning a new language, had little money and had no family in Canada to support them. Angela’s parents worked long hours, and weekends at their labour jobs to provide support for Angela and her sister. Throughout her childhood, Angela’s parents always encouraged her involvement in extracurricular activities such as dance, guitar, karate, and swimming. They always encouraged her to try new things so that she could find what she is most passionate about. She states, “I received my strong work ethic from my parents, their hardships pushed me to challenge myself and persevere to achieve my goals. The education of my sister and I have always been my parent’s number one priority. I know that they will support me every step of the way.”


Angela, a third-year science student (majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Biochemistry) with a 96% cumulative average, embodies the ADL Scholarship’s mission—honouring our ancestors while giving back to the next generation of student leaders. Angela was an NSERC USRA recipient last summer which sparked her interest in doing research. She works in Dr. Karpowicz’s research lab studying the effects of time-restricted feeding on irritable bowel disease in mice. On-campus, she is on the events committee for both Women in Science and Students Offering Support. She is the VP of Student Advocacy on the Biological Science Union, advocating for mental health initiatives for Biology students. She is on the University of Windsor’s Pre-Medical Society as a social media coordinator. In the community, she volunteers as a patient care assistant at The Hospice and at the pop-up vaccination clinics. She volunteered for University of Windsor Science orientations, and was a panelist for the Integrative Biology webinars, providing advice for incoming students. Finally, she is a teaching assistant for both Introductory Microbiology and Techniques as well as Human Anatomy. Following graduation, her goal is to pursue Medical School.

To assist deserving students, such as Angela, please feel free to contact me ( or visit the Donate section of this website for more information. I look forward to seeing this scholarship grow and continue to help new students every year.




Cessidia De Biasio, Founder of The Addolorata De Luca Leadership Scholarship

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