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The Award

How we honour our ancestors & student leaders!

Students Need Our Help


Each University student arrives on campus with a dream to build his or her future and make a difference. However, more than 60% must rely on governmental assistance to pursue an education. Your generous donation to this charity is a way of recognizing and honouring your ancestors' contributions while also assisting student leaders in our community.

Teaching Future Generations 

To sustain the values inherited from our ancestors and to teach current and future generations about overcoming adversities when faced with difficult obstacles, this endowment continues to raise money so that, each year, a deserving student will receive a $1,000 scholarship. The more money raised, the more scholarships can be administered. Recipients will be selected by the University of Windsor's Student Award and Financial Aid committee.



The Criteria 

The scholarship will be provided annually to a full-time University of Windsor student in his or her second, third or fourth year who maintains a minimum cumulative average of 80%. The student must be first or second generation Canadian and include a short description of his or her family of origin and a statement demonstrating his or her outstanding leadership on campus and within the Windsor-Essex community, a community that our ancestors helped build. All money raised goes directly into the University of Windsor's Addolorata De Luca Leadership endowment fund, and every donor receives a tax receipt for his or her donation.

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