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Our Journey To Canada

Meet Chloe Kyrtsakas. She is a proud Italian and Greek-Canadian. Chloe is an Odette School of Business student, the Executive Vice-President of the Odette Commerce Society and recently completed a co-op placement with the WDBA - Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority. Chloe is a role model, community builder, and is always willing to help those she meets. While reflecting on her family's immigration story this is what she had to say:

"I come from a family of immigrants. My dad immigrated from Greece when he two years old and my mom immigrated from Italy when she was eight. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents had the same reason for moving to Canada – to give their children better lives. My dad’s father, who I call Papou, was an educated machinist in Greece. Being very brave, he took his wife and two kids to Canada, leaving the rest of his family in Greece. After making the move, my Papou had to start from scratch. He opened up and operated a convenience store with my Yiayia, (my grandmother), my father and his sisters. Eventually, the store became a successful sub shop with my Papou’s famous gyro recipes. My Papou, although missing my Yiayia every day, still owns the sub shop today at 83 years of age. My mom’s father, my Nonno, decided to move to Canada along with half his siblings. My Nonna, left her career as a hairstylist and joined my Nonno in Canada. Leaving all that they ever knew, my mom’s family had to learn how to speak English and adjust to a whole new culture. My Nonno supported the family with many contracting jobs and by selling his artwork. My mom also had to work in order to help support her family. Both sides of my family are hard workers and are motivated by their loved ones. I admire my parents and grandparents. They have been able to give me the amazing life I have and for that I am forever thankful."

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