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Our Journey To Canada

Meet Marissa Bumanlag. She is a proud Filipino and French-Canadian Political Science student at the University of Windsor. Marissa is an educator, humanitarian and a world traveler. While reflecting on her family's immigration story this is what she had to say.

"I became passionate about advocacy and education because of my parents' story. My paternal grandfather was a politician and advocated for fresh water access in poverty stricken areas, especially in my father's home town of Aliaga, Nueva Ecija, which is located in the Philippines. My father immigrated to Canada at the age of 18. His life soon changed when he met his neighbour, my mother, and they immediately fell in love. Growing up, my mother experienced severe poverty. She was raised in a single parent household and had to give up the majority of her childhood and teenage years in order to care for her younger siblings. Looking back at my parents' stories and witnessing the immense love that my parents have for each other, my siblings and myself, has pushed me to solve this common injustice regarding the lack of opportunity provided on a local and global scale. My involvement particularly with educational development hits home for me because of my diverse family background. Their stories and my passion for giving back has shaped me to be the leader I am today."

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