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Our Journey To Canada

Meet Frank Abbruzzese. He is a proud Italian-Canadian who is the President of AlphaKOR Group Inc., a mentor, a Windsor-Essex advocate, and is a guru in the technology and innovation sector. While reflecting on his family's immigration story this is what he had to say:

"In 1952 my Dad immigrated from Italy to Canada, because he heard that Canada was a land full of opportunities. Dad's journey to Canada was no easy task. He travelled to Canada via boat. He embarked in New York, took the train to Buffalo and then the bus to Windsor, where he mistakenly got off in Kingsville. As the snow fell on that cold winter night, my Dad walked all alone from Kingsville to Leamington; however, his destiny was soon to change as he saw a truck drive by and he waved it down. What luck, two Italian men picked him up and asked if he was looking for work. They told him that they knew about an Italian farmer who needed help. The next day (which was Christmas Eve), my dad went to see the farmer and there he was given a job and room and board. My Dad was in Canada for less than 24 hours and landed his first job! From that day, my dad always had a job until his retirement in 1991. In November of 1960, his wife, my mother, joined him in Canada as they were to wed. Eventually, my parents bought a farm in Leamington. Growing up on the farm taught us children how to deal with people from all walks of life, the importance of strong work ethics, and the discipline of hard work"

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